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Taking the dog for a walk

Pet Enclosures

Custom Panels

Made-To-Order to your measurements

Superior Quality

Aluminium Profile Assembly Kits


Maintenance Free

Free Standing, Easy Assembly

Weather Proof

Keep your pets safe and away from wildlife


One of our many projects that we use Aluminium Profile Rails and components for is Pet Enclosures.

Unlike other companies our enclosures are rust free, longer lasting, superior quality units that you will only ever have to buy once and never replace!

All panels come in standard sizes as specified below.
Or can be made to your specific measurement requirements.

This is an easy 2 person assembly system only needing 4,5 & 6mm allen keys. 

See some of our other Modular Design Solutions using Profile Rail here! 

Panels & Accessories

For a personalised quote
CONTACT US with your details here!

*please include all measurements if NOT using our standard sized panels

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