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Linear Couplings

Linear Couplings compensate for component misalignment.

Zero axial backlash under all operating conditions and is virtually maintenance free. The connection of linear actuators, motors, positioning sensors, and electric and pneumatic cylinders to other driven elements is critical.

A high degree of angular and parallel alignment is required to prevent binding or wear, while preventing backlash. Linear Techniks Linear Couplings compensate for component misalignment, while providing a high degree of precision.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Zero backlash in axial direction Compensates angular misalignments up to 1.5 and lateral misalignments up to 0.7 mm [0.028 in]

  • Low mass & weight = low inertia Compact design Designed for high tensile and compressive forces in highly dynamic applications

  • Coupling components made from high strength aluminum.

  • Spring elements are made of a special spring steel

  • Have an infinite life and are maintenance free if operated within performance limits

Linear Couplings for Precise Linear Motion Applications

Linear Couplings are typically used with Ball screws, motors, and precision guide rods. The Linear Coupling can be used in a wide variety of precise linear motion applications, and is ideal as a replacement for actuator rod ends. Linear motion applications include: machine tool, gantry systems, robotics, automation equipment, and packaging.


Product Specifications

SRJ Coupling Screw Set (PDF)

SRJ Couplings Clamp Style (PDF)

Flexible Couplings
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