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CSB-LIN®P self lube precision linear bearings/bushes, have the same dimensional range as metal ball linear bearings, but with higher load carrying capacity and extremely low operating noise.

They can replace European metric & Imperial sizes and can also be put into aluminium housings.

The liners are made of TEFPLAS® compounds developed for maintenance-free and low friction, making LINP self lube linear bearings suitable for up to ± 200 ℃ operation temperature.

In addition, they will clean all surface dirt as they operate and are suitable for wash down environments, which is imperative for industries where high contamination is an issue. 

Features Include:

  • Self-lubricating, maintenance-free

  • High precision and smooth operation

  • Vibration reduction, no noise

  • High-speed operation and long life

  • Suitable in washdown environment

  • Drop in replacements for ball bushings


Industries Covered:

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Packaging Industry

  • Labeling Industry

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Linear Bearings
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