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ZIMMER Automation Components

Automation Components

Linear Technik are proud stockists of a wide range of Zimmer Automation Components, covering areas of handling, damping, linear, machine and system technology.


 Trade shows have been re-launched digitally after being closed for the past 2 years due to COVID-19.

Check out the YouTube videos below, or head over to have a look at the impressive robotics presentations and live application examples here at Zimmer’s Virtual Booth!

Modular Motor Spindles
Motor Spindle Accessories
HF145-001 Air Cooled Motor Spindle
F150-003 Water-Cooled Motor Spindle
H150-005 WaterCooled Motor Spindle
HF125-002 Water-Cooled Motor Spindle
H205-006 Water-Cooled Motor Spindle
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