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An Actuator is a key component of a machine, as it stimulates and controls the movement of an object from one point to another by converting energy into the system. In stark contrast to the rotary motion of a conventional motor, Linear Actuators encourage movement in a linear direction.


What are Linear Actuators Used for?


Moving in a streamlined, push-and-pull direction, Linear Actuators are typically used in systems requiring linear movement or motions akin to adjusting, lifting, sliding, or tilting. The streamlined movements, supported by Linear Actuators, are used in industrial machinery, window automation, computers, printers, and cutting equipment, amongst various other forms of machinery.

What are the Benefits of Using Linear Actuators?


There are several advantages to using Linear Actuators to assemble mechanisms:


  • Reliable

  • Cost-effective

  • Allows for automated movement

  • Enhanced fluency of movement

  • Typically require little to no maintenance

  • Increased control over speed and movement

Linear Actuators at Linear Technik


Linear Technik provides a wide range of Linear Actuators in Australia, with both standard and customisable stroke lengths. We stock brands including Moteck, Ewellix, & Samick. These actuators can provide full load forces as high as 10,000N.


Available in both DC (12, 24, 36) and AC (240v) voltage models, these actuators come optionally packaged with a wide selection of controls and accessories.


​For higher loads, longer strokes, or other custom Linear Actuator requirements.

Product Specifications:

Ewellix Actuator CAHB
Linear Actuator
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