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Rod Ends are spherical slide bearings that act as a pivot joint to connect the ends of control rods and allow for movement between them. Incorporating a spherical inner ring with precision and hardness equivalent to that of steel ball bearings, Rod End Bearings allow for a smooth rotating and oscillating motion without deflection


What are Rod Ends Used for?


Rod Ends are essential to the articulation of a mechanical part. They are typically used in machines and systems within the automotive industries that require an oscillating motion to be performed with intense precision. Rod Ends are most commonly found in steering systems of most vehicles, including cars, helicopters, and tractors, etc.


Rod ends at Linear Technik


We stock a comprehensive range of spherical bearings and rod ends to customers in  Australia & New Zealand.

Available types of Rod Ends


Available types: Metric, Metric Fine Thread (Pneumatic Cylinders), Imperial, Race Car Series, and Stainless Steel Series. Different Liners include Steel, Bronze, Nylon, and Teflon.

We cover all industries, including:

  • Industrial

  • Packaging

  • Race Car

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Aerospace

For more information call our office to speak to one of our expert team members on 03 9706 7888

Rod End bearing female

Female Threading Lubrication

Rod End Bearing Female

Female Threading No Lubrication

Rod End Bearing

With Male thread Lubrication

Rod End Bearing Male thread No Lubrication

With Male thread No Lubrication

Spherical Bearing with Lubrication

Spherical Bearing Lubrication

Rod Ends
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