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Profile Rail Guides / Linear Guides, are designed for linear movement and combine rails and carriages according to the customer application. As the balls within the carriages are recirculating continuously, Profile Rail Guides offer a virtually unlimited stroke.

What are Profile Rail Guides Used for?

The purpose of a Linear Guide Rail (otherwise known as a Linear Bearing Rail) is to provide a stable base that ensures heavy structures and equipment move in a fixed linear motion with peak accuracy. Linear Rails are typically embedded into various industrial and mechanical tools such as 3D printers and other machinery that requires minimal deflection and maximum precision.


What are the Benefits of Using Profile Rail Guides?

There are several advantages to using Profile Rail Guides to assemble mechanisms:

  • High speed

  • High temperature available

  • High rigidity 

  • Long service life

  • Maintenance free operation 

  • Suitable to bear heavy loads

  • Suitable for XY structures 

  • Low noise

  • Smooth Motion 

  • High accuracy 

  • Minimal deflection 

  • Caged balls or rollers available

  • Stainless Steel types available

Working with only reputable brands, we carry a comprehensive range of Linear Rails in Australia. Rails can be cut and or machined to suit your requirements. Some of the major brands we work with are PMI, Rexroth, THK, EWELLIX, SKF, HIWIN & WON.

PMI Profile Rail Guides
PMI Linear Guideway
Profile Rail Guides
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