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The product range includes spindles for machining wood, plastics, composites, lightweight metals and even steel and cast iron.


The motor spindle is one of the essential modules of a machine or of a robot-based end-of-arm solution. With it, you can achieve the highest level of productivity and precision. It enables optimal performance and workpiece quality. We offer the perfect product range for this.


Whether you are looking for a motor spindle for use in milling machines or machining centers, you will find economical standard motor spindles, air-cooled spindles in the low and medium performance ranges, fluid-cooled high-performance spindles and, of course, the matching accessories from inverters to cooling units, C-axis and connection sets in our various modular spindle construction sets.

Motor Spindle Accessories
HF145-001 Air Cooled Motor Spindle
F150-003 Water-Cooled Motor Spindle
H150-005 WaterCooled Motor Spindle
HF125-002 Water-Cooled Motor Spindle
H205-006 Water-Cooled Motor Spindle
Modular Motor Spindles
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